T-Pain joins advisory board at music licensing startup Slip.stream

Music licensing startup Slip.stream, which runs a royalty-free library of over 50,000 tracks and 40,000 sound effects, has added 6x Grammy-winning artist and producer T-Pain to its advisory board.

T-Pain will also release his latest collection of royalty free music, The Pizzle Pack 3, through the company.

T-Pain, whose Twitch channel has grown to around 764,000 followers, released the Pizzle Pack 1 and 2 in 2020.

This collection of songs and beats could be streamed on creator platforms without risk of copyright claim or DMCA strike, and was released as a way to “help combat the issue gamers and creators faced,” according to Slip.Stream.

In June, Slip.Stream raised $3.25m in an initial funding round.

The round was led by Third Prime with participation from LightShed Ventures, Operator Partners, and Dash Fund.

T-Pain’s Pizzle Pack 3 will be available to stream on October 29 at Slip.stream, as well as via the Twitch Music Library.

“Together we’re gonna fuck shit up.”


T-Pain said: “I started the Pizzle Pack to help all the gamers be able to use dope music in their streams and not worry about getting strikes and claims.

“Slip.stream just gets it and that’s why I’m so excited to be a part of their advisory board.

“Together we’re gonna fuck shit up.”

“T-Pain is a pioneer in so many respects.”

Dan Demole, Slip.stream

Dan Demole, Slip.stream Co-CEO, added: “T-Pain is a pioneer in so many respects – as an artist, producer, entrepreneur, and now as a gamer.

“Slip.stream is about creating a bridge between musicians and the content creators who want to use their music.

“We couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to be a part of the team and help guide us as we grow.”Music Business Worldwide

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