Streaming claims 63% of recorded music income in Denmark

The recorded music market in Denmark saw 63% of its revenues come from streaming in the first half of 2014, according to new IFPI data.

Streaming pulled in 117 million Danish Krone (£12.49m)  in the six months, a 44% jump of 36m Krone (£3.8m) year on-year.

Download sales fell by 33% year-on-year, while physical sales fell by 31% over the same period. But streaming offset these losses, pulling up the total H1 market from 181m Krone (£19.3m) in 2013 to 185m (£19.7m) in 2014.

Digital revenues accounted for 82% of music companies’ total turnover, with downloads claiming 19%. Physical sales, including both CDs and vinyl, made up a surprisingly small 18% of total revenues.

Jakob Plesner Mathiasen, CEO of IFPI Denmark, said: “If we look two years back was streaming just 24% of the market. At present, streaming is up to 63%. It says everything about how crucial adaptability and focus are to the needs of consumers in our industry. ”

He added: “The Danes are starting to [adopt] new legal music services for themselves.”

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor (pictured) is expected to hit No.1 in Denmark this weekend.

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