Stacey Tang and Damaris Rex-Taylor promoted at RCA UK

Stacey Tang and Damaris Rex-Taylor have been promoted to new roles at Sony Music‘s RCA UK.

Tang has named as RCA UK’s Executive Vice President, while Damaris Rex-Taylor will take on the role of General Manager.

Tang will report to David Dollimore, President of RCA UK. Rex-Taylor will report to Tang.

Since joining RCA as Managing Director in 2018, Tang has played a “central” role in the label’s enduring success, says the company.

During this time, she has spearheaded campaigns for domestic artists including Paloma Faith, Little Mix and Sam Fischer, while achieving international success with names such as Miley Cyrus, Kid Laroi and Lil Nas X.

Rex-Taylor joined RCA UK as Director of Marketing in 2019.

In her new role, she will have an overview across all marketing and promotional strategies for the label, while continuing to drive its evolution.

Rex-Taylor has overseen a number of successful campaigns for the label, including Little Mix’s sixth UK Top 5 album, Bring Me The Horizon’s second UK No.1 album and for the British singer-songwriter Mimi Webb.

Rex-Taylor is also Co-Chair of Sony Music UK’s Social Justice Fund, part of Sony Music Group’s global commitment to support anti-racist initiatives and educational opportunities in under-served communities.

To date, beneficiaries of the fund have included Key4Life, Milk & Honey Bees, Bruce Grove Youth Space in Tottenham, London, and a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music.

“I am inspired by what we can achieve as a label.”

Stacey Tang

Stacey Tang, Executive Vice President, RCA UK, said: “I am inspired by what we can achieve as a label as we continue to nurture an exceptional roster of talent across a range of genres.

“I am fortunate to be guiding a passionate team who are full of ambition, creativity and have a collective desire to do their very best on behalf of our artists.”

“I’m thrilled to be an integral part of building the next chapter of this progressive label.”

Damaris Rex-Taylor

Damaris Rex-Taylor, General Manager, RCA UK, said: “I’m thrilled to be an integral part of building the next chapter of this progressive label, and I look forward to shaping more cultural moments with our fantastic team and outstanding stable of domestic and global talent”.

“I’m delighted to have [Stacey and Damaris] help steer this iconic label.”

David Dollimore, RCA UK

David Dollimore, President, RCA UK, said: “Stacey is a trailblazer with phenomenal business acumen who brings relentless energy to the label and consistently propels artists to achieve success.

“Damaris is an innovative marketeer who has delivered time and again and we all share the same aspirations for the future of RCA.

“I’m delighted to have them help steer this iconic label to achieve cultural and creative success on a global scale.”Music Business Worldwide