Spotify’s Chief Economist, Will Page, is leaving the company

Spotify‘s Chief Economist, Will Page, will exit the streaming service later this summer, MBW has learned.

Page joined Spotify in 2012, and has been an influential figure at the company ever since, becoming deeply involved in both its industry outreach and its broader lobbying efforts.

Believed to be a close ally of Spotify founder Daniel Ek, British exec Page (pictured) has penned widely-read papers on the service’s impact on markets around the world. His research has covered topics including the role Spotify has played in reducing piracy, and how the firm has accelerated the commercial growth of the global music rights business.

In addition, Page’s expertise has played a central role in Spotify’s policy work.

For example, Page’s testimony and analysis was prominent within Spotify’s submissions to the US Copyright Royalty Board during recent years, as the CRB was debating (and deciding on) new mechanical streaming rates in the territory.

MBW understands that a contributing factor in Page’s exit from Spotify is that he has been offered a book deal. He will be writing a consumer-facing title which explains and examines disruption in various industries.

This project, commissioned by Simon and Schuster, will lean on the knowledge that Page has accumulated during his time working at Spotify and elsewhere in the music business, in addition to his economics acumen.

Before joining Spotify in 2012, Page was Chief Economist at PRS For Music. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.Music Business Worldwide

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