Spotify rolls out songwriter and producer credits on mobile for iOS users

The global music business was thrilled when Spotify confirmed that it was finally adding songwriter and producer credits to its platform in February, and the feature is now rolling out to iOS mobile as of today.

Subscribers using iOS can now view credits to songs within the Spotify app, as long as the information has been provided by record labels.

On mobile, credits are accessed through the button with three dots that appears next to each song and by clicking on ’Song credits’ at the end of the list.

The initiative started off as a desktop-only perk, with users able to right-click on a track and select ‘Show Credits’ from the options menu for information on performers, songwriters and producers.

Efforts are being made to complete missing credits, which will come directly from publishers, songwriters and societies in the near future, according to an Instagram post from composer Alfons Karabuda, who is Chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA).

He said that plans are also on the way for additional ways to correct or provide more details for additional credits.

‘We realize some of the label-provided credits are incomplete or may contain inaccuracies, but this is just the first step in displaying songwriter credits on Spotify,’ the company said in a blog post back in February.

‘The feature will continually evolve to become more efficient, provide better functionality, and incorporate more information from industry partners over time.’

MBW strongly called for Spotify to adopt songwriter credits on its platform in September last year.

We pointed out that the firm’s ‘Secret Genius’ program, which ostensibly celebrates composers, was likely to prove a troublesome sub-brand for a company which failed to recognise those very same writers within its core product.

Spotify’s songwriter-focused Secret Genius initiative includes an ambassador program, Songshops (global songwriting workshops), The Secret Genius Awards, podcasts and curated playlists.Music Business Worldwide

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