Spotify quashes Apple Music’s family plan advantage with $14.99 offer

Since it launched in June last year, Apple Music has boasted one major pricing advantage over rival Spotify.

Apple‘s service allows up to six family members to subscribe via one family plan for just $14.99 a month – effectively allowing six people to subscribe for just $2.50 a month each.

Spotify’s family plan previously couldn’t match up. It enabled subscribers to gift loved ones premium accounts at a 50% discount – which, for comparison’s sake, would cost a family of six $34.99 a month in the US.

That’s ‘previously’ because Spotify has just upped the ante.

From this week, people can sign up to a Spotify family plan for $14.99 per month and add up to six individuals – going toe-to-toe with Apple Music’s deal.

Those already on the Spotify family plan have been invited to switch to the new pricing structure.

The deal is available in all territories in which Spotify operates, with the exception of Canada.

“Music at your fingertips has never been cheaper for up to 6 people — all collected on a single bill,” the firm is telling customers.

Meanwhile, Spotify has just launched a $9.99-for-three months promotion, which can’t quite match the 99 Cents-for-three-months deal it launched for two limited periods last year, including the Christmas season.

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