Spotify now giving away 60 days of Premium in the UK, Australia for free

Spotify has quietly kicked off a promotion which sees the platform giving away 60 days of access to its Premium tier for no cost in the United Kingdom.

The UK offer is only available to those who have previously never tried Premium.

According to the URL’s Google index, the promotion kicked off at the end of last week.

UK users must first submit their payment details to Spotify, according to the terms and conditions of the offer.

They will automatically become paying members of the Premium service should they forget to cancel following the promo period.

A similar deal can be found on the Spotify site in Australia, with a clear closing date of October 29 (in 13 days’ time).

A standard Spotify Premium subscription costs GBP £9.99 per month in the UK and AUD $11.99 per month in Australia.

The free 60 day trial offer is also being offered in the Philippines, it’s been spotted, as part of a brand partnership with MasterCard.

In that market, the promotion is open until November 15.

Earlier this year, a senior major label source told MBW that Spotify’s aggressive subscription promotions were becoming a cause of tension amongst large music rights-holders.

Referring to Spotify’s upcoming re-negotiations with the majors, the source said: “Spotify was by far the most aggressive [streaming platform] in terms of asking for [help with promotional deals and bundles].

“We’re going to rein that in, and get them to underwrite their own consumer acquisition from now on.”Music Business Worldwide

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