Spotify launches new playlists to break songs across genres

Spotify has launched a new playlist brand specifically designed to help new artists gain attention from music fans.

Updated every Wednesday, Fresh Finds will ‘surface the latest songs from undiscovered artists that are capturing the world’s interest before the music becomes popular’.

The launch follows the success of Discover Weekly, Spotify’s personalised playlist that brings users two hours of custom-made music recommendations every week.

The Fresh Finds Playlists include:

Spotify says it will pick tracks based on ‘early online buzz across blogs and music news sites’ combine ‘with billions of listening hours on Spotify’.

“Spotify has always focused on artists and listeners, and with Fresh Finds we’re specifically looking at new creators, digging deeper to understand how undiscovered artists can attract a huge fan base,” says Dr. Brian Whitman, Principal Scientist at Spotify.

“By analyzing the listening behavior of our top tastemaker users, we’re able to predict new breakout artists and filter their hits-to-be into playlists with the most promising new music out there.”

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