Spotify is testing a feature that recommends music to match the ‘moment and mood’ of a photo (report)

Spotify is reportedly testing a new in-app feature that lets users take a photo and then recommends music “matching the moment and mood” of that photo.

That’s according to renowned reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who posted about the un-released recommendation tool on Twitter over the weekend (see below).

According to the screenshot posted by Jane Manchun Wong, Spotify will allow you to “Take a photo and enjoy music matching your moment and mood, picked just for you.”

The feature appears to allow users to take photos or select photos from a photo library.

Previous hidden and unreleased Spotify features spotted by Jane Manchun Wong include a button for users to create podcasts from within its app, using Anchor.

“Spotify is working on letting users take a photo and recommend them music that matches the moment and mood,” said Jane Manchun Wong, via Twitter.

“I tried it by taking a photo of the view from my room and it keeps recommending me Indie pop for some reason.”

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