Spotify is launching a new global brand to ‘connect with Black audiences’

Credit: Patrik Michalicka

Spotify is launching a priority global “Umbrella” brand focused on reaching Black consumers.

That’s according to a new job ad spotted by MBW for a Los Angeles-based Hip Hop and R&B Manager, whose remit will include an objective to “Build [this] Umbrella brand to connect with Black audiences”.

Joining Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships team, the successful applicant will need to be “well versed and proficient in artist partnerships, podcasts, and marketing processes,” in order to inform “negotiation tactics and value exchange for [the] newly formed Umbrella brand”.

Obviously enough, it doesn’t seem likely that the brand is actually called “Umbrella”; more of a possibility, you’d assume, is that much of Spotify’s branding activity relevant to Black audiences will soon fall under the as-yet-unnamed new creation

The mysterious new “Umbrella” brand, says Spotify, will “live both on and off platform” and will be a global concern – suggesting a major above-the-line campaign may be in the works to promote it.

The Hip Hop and R&B Manager is tasked with using the “Umbrella” brand in order to “increase brand market share of target audience, build brand awareness, and spark innovation”.

This successful applicant, the ad continues, will “support core Hip Hop / R&B ALP and Editorial teams on global cultural programs across the organization, providing industry insights and best creative practices to launch [the] global umbrella brand”.

Spotify already has one premier hip-hop brand, of course, in RapCaviar.

Spotify’s third most popular global playlist, it’s currently followed by 13.4 million people – equivalent to nearly 5% of the 299m Monthly Active Users that SPOT counted at the end of June.

RapCaviar has also branched out into live events, with Spotify launching the RapCaviar Live series of concerts in 2017 in tandem with Live Nation.

Apple launched its own overt rival to RapCaviar – playlist brand Rap Life – last year.

Could Spotify’s flagship RapCaviar brand soon become a key subsidiary of Spotify’s new ‘umbrella’ launch? Watch this space.

Meanwhile, in possibly related news, but also possibly not related news, Spotify appears to be launching a new “hub” on its platform called “Curated by Black”.

That is according to a second job ad spotted by MBW today, for a Los Angeles-based Editor, Culture Curation.

This individual will “develop, create, manage editorial playlists with hypotheses around genres, subgenres, and cultural moments targeting diverse demographics within the Black audience for deeper engagement”.

Candidates will need to have five or more years’ experience in the music industry to be considered for the role, including editorial/programming music for radio or other media networks.

They will also be “able to lean on a good reputation and a strong network within the urban music industry/community”.

Adds the post: “The Editor, Culture Curation, will be responsible for identifying cultural moments and content gaps to curate playlists and programming shelves that will primarily live within the new “Curated by Black” hub and, where possible, other relevant hubs around music culture.

“You have a deep knowledge of music, entertainment and culture when it concerns urban music and its music marketplace in general, and you are also an expert when it comes to knowledge of relevant artists, festivals, history, newcomers, influencers – basically everything to do with the diverse lifestyle and culture there.”Music Business Worldwide

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