Spotify dips a toe in NFT space, via token-gated playlists starting with Universal’s virtual band Kingship

A year ago, Spotify was reported by The Financial Times to be planning to somehow incorporate NFTs into its service.

At the time, the platform was also hiring for roles requiring Web3 expertise, whice hinted at possible ambitions to start taking its first steps in the world of NFTs, blockchain technology, crypto and the metaverse.

This past week, those ambitions have been realized, via a new pilot around its first-ever NFT-gated playlists.

NFT band and brand KINGSHIP, which was launched by Universal Music Group as a virtual band of cartoon apes through its Web3 label 10:22PM in late 2021, announced in a series of tweets on Wednesday (February 22) that it’s teaming up with Spotify on a token-enabled playlist.

According to one of the tweets, This is a special curated playlist exclusively for KINGSHIP Key Card (NFT) holders”.

The pilot is currently available to Android users in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The token-enabled feature works by clicking on links shared on KINGSHIP’s official Discord and Twitter accounts.

To unlock KINGSHIP’s Exclusive Playlist, which was curated exclusively for KINGSHIP holders, users will have to connect their crypto wallets with their KINGSHIP Key Card NFT.

“We’re all about unlocking real value for our community and pushing the boundaries of music and blockchain, and having our holders be at the forefront of this space.”


KINGSHIP described the Spotify integration as “a special moment.”

“We’re all about unlocking real value for our community and pushing the boundaries of music and blockchain, and having our holders be at the forefront of this space.”

MBW understands that 10:22PM is seeking to be at the forefront of token-enabled commerce and increase engagement with KINGSHIP Key Card holders, while also unlocking more value for the KINGSHIP community through music.

Back in August, 10:22PM partnered with M&M’s parent company Mars to launch limited edition boxes of the candies featuring virtual band KINGSHIP’s branding.

KINGSHIP, built on the Ethereum blockchain, describes itself as “the first supergroup of apes signed to a major label.” The group consists of four rare characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club including three rare Bored Apes and a Mutant Ape.

Last year, 10:22PM bought a Bored Ape NFT for $350,000 to serve as the band’s ‘manager.’ The label then filed a series of trademark applications for the ‘Manager Noët All’ NFT that hinted at also crypto and merch plans.

On OpenSea, there are 5,000 access-enabled Key Cards that unlock the KINGSHIP world, which sold out in July 2022, eight months since KINGSHIP’s launch.

KINGSHIP was formed in November 2021 by 10:22PM founder Celine Joshua, giving Bored Ape and Mutant owners access to all KINGSHIP NFTs, experiences and narrative selection.

“Creating KINGSHIP has been incredibly fun and imaginative. I started 10:22PM to push the boundaries of innovation in the music industry and with KINGSHIP, we’re literally inventing what’s possible in real time,” Joshua said at the time.

“Through music and events across the metaverse, we will bring the Apes in KINGSHIP to life by building communities and utility, and entertaining audiences around the world.”

The KINGSHIP brand is just one of UMG’s many Web3 and NFT ventures as the integration of the crypto world in the music industry continues to gain ground.

Just a month after KINGSHIP’s launch, UMG disclosed plans to develop “virtual identities” and NFTs for its artists in partnership with avatar tech firm Genies.

And last year, UMG partnered with digital collectables firm Curio, backed by Marc Geiger, former Global Head of Music at William Morris Endeavor, to develop NFTs for its global artists and labels.

Coindesk, reported last week that in addition to Kingship, NFT communities such as Overlord and Moonbirds are also taking part in the playlist pilot.Music Business Worldwide

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