Spotify bins Secret Genius, launches Noteable hub for songwriters, producers and publishers

Spotify doesn’t appear to think that songwriters are Secret Geniuses anymore.

Back in June 2017, the music streaming company launched its global Secret Genius initiative to “highlight the contribution songwriters and producers make to the music industry and artists’ careers”.

Two years later, Spotify controversially appealed against a CRB ruling forcing it to pay songwriters more in the United States. The outcome of that appeal hasn’t been decided yet, but music publishers remain hopeful that the dispute will be resolved in their favor.

While that situation continues to play out in court, in public, Spotify has just launched a new “global home for songwriters, producers, and publishers” called Noteable, because, according to the company, “the work of songwriters, producers, and publishers informs so much of what we do at Spotify”.

Meanwhile, the website for Spotify’s Secret Genius program – – no longer exists. Plus, the Spotify Secret Genius Instagram account has been set to private, directing users to follow the new Noteable account instead.

Spotify says that Noteable will now act as “one central space for the community to learn about everything Spotify has to offer” via a new website, a newsletter, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Noteable will also feature video series called The Game Plan and Songwriter Saturdays, featuring Julia Michaels, Boi-1da, and others.

Plus, SPOT plans to introduce a new series for students, emerging songwriters and producers on the platform featuring “world-class producers”, called How I Started, How It’s Going.

Additionally, Noteable brings together Spotify’s Songwriter Pages which launched in February last year, and its Songwriters Hub, which launched in December and features ‘Written By’ playlists on the platform.

Launched in beta in February last year, Songwriter Pages were intended to ‘help fans, collaborators and industry partners dive deeper into some of the creators behind their favorite songs’.

When songwriters are credited on a track, listeners can click their names to view a page showcasing the songs they’ve written as well as their most frequent artist collaborators.

Noteable also hosts Spotify’s Publishing Analytics platform, which launched in beta in November 2018.

According to SPOT, with this analytics platform, “publishers are able to see next day global analytics, including songwriter-specific overviews, with global and territory-specific streaming stats, playlist info, listener demographics and other publisher-specific tools, with exportable reports available throughout”.

“Whether you’re a publisher, a brand new songwriter, producer, or have numerous hits under your belt, we look forward to working with you.”


“Whether you’re a publisher, a brand new songwriter, producer, or have numerous hits under your belt, we look forward to working with you, bringing these resources and opportunities into a new central home and expanding to new regions around the world throughout the year.”Music Business Worldwide