Spotify and Google get cosier with Chromecast partnership

On the one hand, Google and Spotify are heated rivals in the digital music space.

Google Play Music offers a comparable streaming platform to Spotify, albeit without a free tier.

In addition, its users gain access to an iTunes-like download store and free cloud storage for up to 50,000 songs.

However, on a corporate level, the two companies are a little cosier.

As MBW discussed earlier this year, Google is believed to have made at least one attempt to acquire Spotify since Daniel Ek founded it in 2008.

Meanwhile, Google’s Chief Business Officer, Omid Kordestani, joined the board of Spotify last year. He now straddles both companies.

Today we got the latest chapter in the collaboration between two companies who mutually appear to want to beat Apple far more than they do each other.

“With chromecast, listening at home is easy.”

Spotify blog

Spotify is now available to play via Google’s TV streaming device Chromecast, while Spotify Premium subscribers can also hook up their account to the all-new Chromecast Audio.

What’s Chromecast Audio? Google’s freshly-revealed gadget, retailing for around £30/$30, which lets people stream music from their phone direct to their old hi-fi.

Unveiled at an event in San Fransisco earlier today, the device connects to stereos via standard 3.5mm audio jack, RCA or optical cables.

From there, just like Google’s main Chromecast device – which sends images and sound to TV sets – users can ‘cast’ music to speakers, all via WiFi.

Interestingly, alongside Spotify, Chromecast Audio is also compatible with Deezer, Pandora and, of course, Google Play Music.

But Apple Music and Tidal are not supported.

Spotify explained in a blog: “With Chromecast, listening at home is easy. Simply plug in and cast music directly from your phone or tablet.

“Play, skip, browse and search using the Spotify app. Oh, and feel free to make calls, watch a video or play games – the music will keep playing. Even if your battery runs out.

“We’ve also made it easier than ever to discover and connect to your devices. Whether it’s a PlayStation, Smart TV, or bluetooth speaker, simply select it from your phone and start rocking to your favourite tunes. Heading out for a run, or just moving into the kitchen? No problem. Switching between devices is seamless, ensuring you never miss a beat.

“Spotify will be available on the new Chromecast, with existing devices receiving a firmware update over the next few weeks.

“Spotify Premium subscribers will also be able to play their music through the new Chromecast Audio, which is a great way to upgrade your existing speakers.”

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