Spotify acquires music concert video and photo business

Spotify’s moving further into bridging the gap between artist and superfan with the acquisition of live photo and video aggregator CrowdAlbum.

Launched in 2013, the platform brings together fan content that that’s been captured during live events and posted online via social media.

The photo/video albums give artists a visual history of their tours and help them identify and connect with their most passionate fans.

The acquisition aims to enhance the development of products that help artists understand, activate and monetise their audiences.

Artists that have worked with the CrowdAlbum team in the U.S. include Diplo, Death Cab for Cutie, Lil Wayne, Fallout Boy, and more.   

“We’re working every day to find ways to tighten the connection between artists and their fans,” said Charlie Hellman, VP Product at Spotify.

“The CrowdAlbum acquisition is the latest way Spotify is investing in helping artists find and engage their audiences on and off Spotify, especially around the ever important business of touring.”

CrowdAlbum will join a team at Spotify focused on building products for artists. Those products include the Spotify Fan Insights dashboard, that provides data to help artists better understand their Spotify listeners, and its personalised Concerts feature to promote artists’ shows to relevant fans.

Spotify’s latest purchase takes its total up to three this year after acquiring music discovery app Soundwave and messaging platform Cord Project in January.

Analytics provider Seed Scientific joined its stable in 2015, music intelligence portal The Echo Nest in 2014 and music discovery app Tunigo in 2013.

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