Sony/ATV buys EuropaCorp music catalogue for $16.5m

Major publisher Sony/ATV has acquired approximately 1,500 music copyrights from movie production and distribution house EuropaCorp.

The catalogue is attached to more than 100 movies including The Taken trilogy and Lucy (pictured), starring Scarlett Johansson.

The song rights have been bought for €14.55m ($16.5m) by Sony/ATV, but this figure could rise by a further €2m ($2.3m) depending on results.

No need to reach for the calculator: the sale price works out at an average of $11,000 per song copyright.

Scores from bands like Archive and Massive Attack and composers like Eric Serra and Alexandre Desplat are also included in the catalogue.

As part of the deal, Sony/ATV has signed a deal to administer all EuropaCorp’s music royalties for future TV and movie titles.

EuropaCorp was founded by Luc Besson and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, and trades  a portion of its shares publicly on France’s Euronext.

Its HQ is based in Saint-Denis, France, near Paris.Music Business Worldwide

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