Sentric Music signs exclusive publishing deal with Doc Brown

Last month, Sentric Music boss Chris Meehan explained to MBW why the company – best known for its no-strings, rolling 28-day online publishing deals – had started signing more traditional agreements, including advances, with a very select number of acts.

“We approach deals methodically, starting with a strong relationship with the writers and management,” said Meehan. “This is reflected in the fact that our deals to date have recouped, and we follow on our investments to help artists develop.”

Today, Liverpool-born Sentric has announced the inking of one such contract with a name who is likely to be familiar to to MBW readers – Doc Brown.

The British rapper won rave reviews from attendees as the host of our inaugural A&R Awards in London last year, having recently starred in David Brent: Life On The Road alongside Ricky Gervais.

The Sentric agreement encompasses all of Doc Brown’s previous works including his Life On The Road co-writes, film and TV titles, and a new album.

Alongside his career as a TV actor and stand-up comedian, Doc Brown – real name Ben Bailey Smith – is also a respected MC who has previously worked with the likes of De Le Soul, Mark Ronson, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse.

2017 will see him return to music fully for the first time in a decade, with new album Stemma set for release this summer.

It features talent such as Mikill Pane, Example, Matt Wills, Andy Burrows, Luc Skyz and Poisonous Poets.

“No doubt I’m a joker, but I’m serious about my music and so are Sentric.”

Doc Brown

Sentric Music CEO, Chris Meehan, said: “After 10 years in business, Sentric is now at a point where it can offer real creative A&R to the right kind of act. We’ve done a handful of exclusive agreements with carefully selected artists, and Doc Brown is a really exciting addition to that roster.

“He’s already made a name for himself with his unique blend of music and comedy, and we look forward to helping nurture his musical career.”

Doc Brown said: “Sentric are such a young, forward-thinking outfit and the whole team is down to earth and properly about the music. For me, that is a perfect fit.

“No doubt I’m a joker, but I’m serious about my music and so are Sentric. I’m the type of guy who is also looking to push the envelope and I had the feeling from day one these were the right guys to come on this journey with me. I’m fully gassed!”

Doc Brown’s manager, Alex Kennedy, said: “You don’t often get to do deals with your favourite people in the music industry – this is one of those times. Chris, Simon and the gang at Sentric are phenomenal people and have quietly and confidently built a formidable outfit over the last 10 years and are now ready to sit at the top table.

“They are without doubt the best team to partner with for Doc’s long-awaited return to music and we couldn’t be more excited about the ride ahead.”

After bringing Peter McCamley on board as Creative Director at the start of 2016, Sentric has been offering a creative A&R element under more traditional publishing deals.

In addition to Doc Brown, other artists signed to similar deals over the last 12 months include Victoria Horn (AKA Lady V), Corey Johnson, Nick Waterhouse, Sarah P, Pariis Opera House as well as ongoing support for 2012 signings Tall Ships and Cattle & Cane.

Sentric Music has offices in London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and New York as well as its Liverpool headquarters.Music Business Worldwide

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