Saban Music Group celebrates another Billboard Latin Airplay No.1 with Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby) by Chesca, Pitbull and Frankie Valli

Less than 18 months after it was launched, Saban Music Group has scored another Billboard Latin Airplay No.1 in the US.

The music company, backed by $500m of investment from media tycoon Haim Saban, has this week seen Puerto Rican star Chesca’s Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby) land on the chart’s top spot – as well as hitting No.1 on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm and Latin Pop charts.

Te Quiero Baby, by Chesca featuring Pitbull, is a Spanish language version/interpolation of the iconic Frankie Valli hit Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

The Chesca track was released on August 14, and became US radio’s most added record on Latin airplay formats within two weeks. Its official video has 14 million views on YouTube.

Te Quiero Baby has become Chesca’s most significant international airplay hit to date, with over 25,000 spins and over 150 million in audience impressions globally.

In Europe, the song is approaching 60 million audience airplay impressions in France alone, plus 25 million in Germany, and 5 million in Italy.

In France, the track was in high rotation on Fun Radio for over two months, while in neighboring Germany, the track secured support from Radio Hamburg, Kiss FM (Berlin), and N-Joy – leading it to peak just outside the top 200 airplay charts.

In Latin America, the track is the biggest airplay hit of Chesca’s career – with over 1,200 spins in Venezuela, close to 1,000 spins in Argentina and support from crucial stations in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Paraguay.

In Chesca’s home market of Puerto Rico, Saban Music Group claims the song was “the hit of the summer”, clocking nearly 3,000 spins across the island’s top stations.

Chesca said: “Words can’t describe the feeling of a dream that seemed so far away, and it’s now, here. About three months ago, we got the news that the legendary Frankie Valli was a part of the record to now, having the number one spot is something out of this world.

“I am beyond thankful for everyone that supports me and every step of the process.”

In August, Saban Music Group CEO, Gus Lopez, told MBW that Chesca was “one the most talented and versatile artists I have ever worked with” adding that “Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby) shows yet again why we are so committed to her development”.

This week’s news comes in the same year that another priority Saban release, Subelo (Further Up) – the Spanish version of Further Up (Na Na Na Na Na) – by Static and Ben El, featuring both Pitbull and Chesca – also hit No.1 on the Billboard Latin Airplay chart, back in March.

Credited songwriters of Te Quiero Baby include J.C.Garcia, A.C.Perez, F.Ramirez, J.Gomez Martinez, P.A.Ingunza, J.Thornfeldt, D.A.Marcus, B.Crewe and B.Gaudio.

The track was produced by IAMCHINO and Jimmy Joker.Music Business Worldwide

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