Roshi Motman appointed CEO of Amuse, as co-founder Diego Farias exits

 Roshi Motman has been been appointed CEO of Swedish independent music distribution and artist services company Amuse

Motman, who has held the position as Amuse’s COO since October 2020, succeeds Co-founder Diego Farias, who is now stepping down from his role as CEO and exiting the firm after seven years.

Motman’s appointment is effective as of this month (January 2022).

Founded in Stockholm in 2015, Amuse has attracted a lot of music industry attention over the years, for being the source of artists who are now superstars like Lil Nas X, in addition to its controversial business model of offering free distribution for indie artists to music streaming services.

The company launched a subscription tier called Amuse Pro in March 2020.

Amuse claims that “hundreds of thousands of users” distribute their music on the platform and that it saw a three-fold increase in net revenue growth between 2020 and  2021 – “to a large extent fueled by label operations”, according to the company.

The firm’s revenues grew 209% in 2019, but it posted a $11 million operating loss that year.

Roshi Motman has an “extensive background of building and transforming successful companies within Telecoms and Media”, according to Amuse.

She was originally one of Amuse’s first Angel Investors when the  company started.

In October 2020 she joined the company as COO and Board Member and is now taking over the role as CEO. 

Amuse currently has around 50 employees in Europe and the US, spanning from tech development to content management and artist  marketing.  

In addition to Roshi Motman, Amuse’s board of directors includes Chairman of the Board Jörg  Mohaupt, former Epic Records president Amanda Ghost and Giorgio D’Ambrosio from Bridford  Group, with Fred Davis and Gordon Rubenstein as Advisors.

In a media statement announcing Farias’ departure and Motman’s appointment, the company notes that, “since its start, Amuse has been backed by key industry players within the tech and music investment sector, such as The Raine  Group and Bridford Group”.

“I’m excited to continue building upon Amuse’s vision with our fantastic team.”

Roshi Motman

Speaking to MBW, Motman said: “Diego grew Amuse from seven people in a Stockholm basement into an agile and dynamic business and community, serving artists and creators in more than 150 countries.

“I’m excited to continue building upon Amuse’s vision with our fantastic team: a leading disruptive music company that uses tech tools to create new and better ways for talent discovery and empowering artists and creators to be in charge of their own careers.”

Andreas Ahlenius, another Amuse co-founder, left the company in September 2020.Music Business Worldwide

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