Richard Antwi Scholarship partners with Universal Music UK to award Idris Green-Holder the second award of 2021

The Richard Antwi Scholarship, in conjunction with the University of Westminster, has partnered with Universal Music UK to award an additional scholarship for 2021, with Idris Green-Holder named as the recipient.

The announcement follows the recent news that Shanice Edwards will be a recipient of the Richard Antwi Scholarship this year.

Idris Green-Holder becomes the fourth RAS recipient, and will be awarded a full scholarship for a place on University of Westminster’s Music Business Management MA course, before joining the Universal Music UK Graduate Programme as Richard Antwi Graduate Programme Executive.

Both awards comprise full course fees, a full bursary of £10,400, mentorship from both the RAS Team and Universal Music UK internal resources, professional executive coaching and support on a career pathway into the industry via work placements.

Idris Green-Holder was born and raised in Handsworth Birmingham, from Jamaican heritage.

He studied Social Work at University Of West London, and for 5 years has worked within the social care industry with vulnerable young people and project management in the housing sector.

Two years ago, he started a music management company, managing black music artists from the West Midlands.

The Richard Antwi Scholarship is an initiative to support Black and minority ethnic students living in the UK.

It was founded in 2016 as a response to the death of hugely respected industry lawyer, manager and entrepreneur, Richard Antwi, who had contributed to the Music Business Management MA course on numerous occasions as a guest lecturer.

It is an annual award, which found its first scholar in 2018.

The scholarship is now funded by all three UK major record labels, music publishers, and several of the top independent music companies and music law firms: Sony Music UK, Universal Music UK, Warner Music UK, Sony Music Publishing, XL Records, Beggars Group, Young, Clintons, Hoare Associates and Modest!

Previous scholars include inaugural recipient Jojo Mukeza Esther Lenda Bokuma and Daniel Beckley, all of whom are now placed within the industry.

“It’s a wonderful milestone for Richard’s scholarship to partner with Universal Music UK.”

Phillip Antwi

Phillip Antwi, said: “It’s a wonderful milestone for Richard’s scholarship to partner with Universal Music UK to bring through the second scholar this year.

“With thanks to Universal Music UK and congratulations to Idris, he hugely impressed the team and Universal Music UK with his passion, creativity and ambition.

“Returning to education will be a vital next step for Idris via the University Of Westminster Music Business MA and Universal Music UK will be a fitting home for this future industry leader as he continues his career path.”

“I’ve always been deeply in love with music. I think that has a lot to do with my culture and my upbringing.”

Idris Green-Holder

Idris Green-Holder, added: “I’ve always been deeply in love with music.

“I think that has a lot to do with my culture and my upbringing.

“The way music makes me feel and the places it takes me to. Especially in my adult life, it’s helped to keep me sane and inspired and encouraged my creativity.

He added: “Having dyslexia, the education system in general has been challenging for me, but I’m excited to return to studying and apply everything I’ve learnt in my career to the Music Business MA.

“It feels like a new beginning to me. I feel extremely blessed to be a recipient of the Richard Antwi scholarship and be on this journey as part of Universal Music UK’s graduate programme.

“I didn’t meet Richard in this life, but I am now feeling first-hand the impression he has left on the world, and for that I am forever grateful.”Music Business Worldwide

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