PRS For Music and IMPEL sign new Spotify EU licensing deal

Spotify has signed a new two-year multi-territory licensing deal with UK-based CMO PRS For Music.

The deal covers the direct repertoire of members of PRS for Music and Irish society IMRO across Europe.

In the UK and Ireland, the licensing agreement also includes repertoire from 100 PRS for Music-affiliated societies.

In addition, the Europe-wide part of the licence covers repertoire represented by independent music publishers body IMPEL.

Launched in 2010, IMPEL collectively represents the digital rights of 40 independent publishers – a number that is expected to grow before the end of 2015.

IMPEL members include Bucks Music Group, Conexion Music, Eagle-i Music, Fairwood Music (UK), Fintage Publishing BV, Hornall Brothers Music, Kassner Associated Publishers, Minds on Fire (formerly Club Row Music), Moncur Street Music, Mute Song, Carlin, Wixen UK, Ole UK, Nettwerk One Music, Proof Songs, Red Ink Music, Reverb Music, RZO Music, Spirit Music Group, The Music Sales Group, Truelove Music, Warp Music and Westbury Music.

“We very much appreciate the ongoing support of PRS FOR MUSIC and the fantastic publishers and songwriters they represent.”

James Duffett-smith, Spotify

Ben McEwen, PRS for Music’s head of online said: “We are excited to continue working with Spotify, a relationship that allows millions of users across the globe to enjoy our members’ repertoire.

“The prodigious growth of Spotify is helping to shape a strong future for dynamic, legitimate streaming services, and we support this thriving online market that recognises and remunerates the works of the creator.”  

James Duffett-Smith (pictured), Spotify’s global head of publisher relations, said: “We are very happy to be able to announce the continuation of our successful relationship with PRS for Music.

“We very much appreciate the ongoing support of PRS for Music and the fantastic publishers and songwriters they represent, and look forward to continuing to build a sustainable future for the creators at the heart of the music industry.”

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