PPL international revenue payouts top £14m in Q1

UK-based collection society PPL made its largest ever distribution of international revenue to members in the first quarter of 2015.

The payment of over £14.1 million exceeds last year’s equivalent by 8% (£1 million) and represents a prosperous period for its neighboring rights collections around the world.

The number of PPL’s performer and record company members receiving international revenues in Q1 was also up by 8% to over 17,000, in comparison to Quarter One in 2014.

PPL distributes the international revenue it collects on a quarterly basis. This quarter’s distribution includes international monies collected within the same month of payment, March 2015.

“As well as investing in systems and global airplay services, we are streamlining data exchanges.”

Laurence OXenbury, PPL

With 75 agreements now in place, PPL actively increased the number of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) from which it collects.

PPL says that it now collects more than 50% of all performer neighbouring rights payments moving between CMOs throughout the world.

Laurence Oxenbury, Director of International, PPL said: “Our concentration on improving global licensing and distribution processes and the delivery of revenue means that our members can focus on creating music.

“As well as investing in our systems and global airplay services such as BMAT, Radio Monitor and Soundmouse, we are also driving initiatives with a host of CMOs in other countries to help streamline data exchanges to maximise revenues for members.”

Last month PPL announced that it had increased its international collections by 6% in 2014, which was 12% growth on a currency neutral basis.Music Business Worldwide

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