Scott Cohen


Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen is the CEO of music royalty investment platform, JKBX.

JKBX claims that its platform will “transform the music industry” by enabling investors to acquire shares in music royalties of hit songs and popular artists on its platform.

Cohen became JKBX’s CEO in late 2022, after leaving his former role as Chief Innovation Officer at the New York-headquartered Warner Music Group.

Cohen was one of the founders of Cyborg Nest which creates human sensory enhancement devices.

Scott Cohen: Career History

Scott Cohen began his career in the late ‘80s in the artist management business.

Wanting to expand beyond managerial duties, Cohen teamed up with Richard Gottehrer in 1997 to found The Orchard, a music distribution company. The pair launched The Orchard in New York, focusing on distributing independent music to the mainstream public.

In 2003, The Orchard expanded into the European market alongside the release of iTunes. Cohen’s distribution company shortly became the largest distributor of independent music on Apple’s platform.

By 2008, The Orchard extended their focus into content management, marketing, licensing, and analytics tracking programs. Cohen also led the company’s re-entry into the physical distribution business, allowing their ever-expanding artist roster to benefit from the added reach of record stores.

In 2015, The Orchard sold all of its remaining shares to Sony Music Entertainment for over $200 million, making The Orchard a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

The Orchard continues to conduct business autonomously within Sony Music.

The company now offers added services including master rights management, sync licensing, video services, and advertising.

In February 2019, it was announced that Cohen would be joining Warner Music group as Chief Innovation Officer, Recorded Music.

In this role, Cohen was responsible for developing the long-term course of WMG’s coupling of music and new technologies. Music Business Worldwide

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