Paul Wiltshire

CEO, Songtradr

Paul Wiltshire

Paul Wiltshire is the founder and CEO of Los Angeles-headquartered music company, Songtradr.

A former songwriter and producer, Wiltshire worked with acts including Backstreet Boys and Human Nature.

The Australian executive founded Songtradr in 2014 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Paul Wiltshire: Career history

Paul Wiltshire got his start in the music industry when he founded and served as CEO at PLW Entertainment in 1996.

The company focused on contemporary music production in Australia, notching its first commercial success with Vanessa Amorosi’s album, The Power, which sold over a million units worldwide.

Wiltshire’s contemporary production company continued their work with artists including The Backstreet Boys and Guy Sebastion.

Over the company’s lifespan, PLW Entertainment found further commercial success with twelve of their albums and singles charting at #1 and twenty-eight other albums and singles charting in the top #20. In 2006, PLW expanded into a boutique music company that involved developing in-house artists. The company was acquired by Goconnect Ltd. in 2010. 

After leaving PLW in 2012, Wiltshire founded and presided over Wiltshire Media, another boutique media company. Wiltshire Media was primarily aimed towards developing online technologies for the entertainment industry, Film/TV IP, and music production. 

One year after opening his media boutique, Wiltshire launched and took the leading role at Songtradr.

Songtradr is a music licensing platform that allows brands, filmmakers, content creators, and apps to find and license music directly from artists and songwriters.

Among its variety of services, Songtradr offers a catalog of music for YouTubers and Twitch streamers to use without any risk of being copyright claimed.

It also offers services including music strategy and curated playlist-creation for content makers.

Songtradr additionally offers music solutions for small businesses and enterprises.

As of 2022, Songtradr comprises 250,000+ artists that license music to advertisers, brands, films, television, and other media. Music Business Worldwide

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