Michael Nash

EVP, Digital Strategy, Universal Music Group

Michael Nash

Michael Nash is the Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy at Los Angeles-headquartered Universal Music Group.

He previously ran digital strategy at Warner Music Group.

Nash has also served as Director of the Criterion Collection.

Michael Nash: Career history

Michael Nash began his career as a Media Arts Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art in 1989.

He stayed with the Long Beach Museum of Art for 2 years, implementing exhibitions and showcases aligned with the museum’s focus. In 1991, Nash took the Director job at the Criterion Collection, a home-video distribution company that restores, licenses, and distributes classic and contemporary films. At Criterion, Nash worked with artists including Robert Altman and David Bowie.

Three years later in 1994, Nash founded and became CEO of Inscape, an interactive entertainment and game publishing joint venture between WMG and HBO. He remained at Inscape until it was acquired in 1997.

Nash then took the Executive Director position at The Madison Project, which was the music industry’s first attempt at digital distribution after the popularity of MP3 piracy had soared.

Warner Bros., Universal Music, Sony, BMG, and EMI backed the project which promised faster download speeds and billing on a prorated, per-download basis. Nash remained with The Madison Project for one year.

n 2000, Nash was hired by Warner Music Group to serve as Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy and Business Development.

Nash played a key role in preparing WMG for the onset of digital distribution of music via platforms like iTunes. Nash notably oversaw WMG’s partnership with YouTube, making it the first media company to monetize user-generated content that utilized their catalog. The deal also allowed WMG to monetize their music videos on the platform.

n 2008, Nash was promoted to Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy and Business Development. This promotion gave Nash full responsibility for future-proofing WMG’s digital plans, especially with streaming gaining in popularity.

Nash departed WMG in 2011, opting to become a digital media consultant and strategic advisor for the company. He also consulted for a variety of digital media startups including SongLily and Jukely.

n 2015, Nash was announced as Universal Music Group’s Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy.

n this role, Nash is responsible for all of UMG’s digital and business development activities.Music Business Worldwide

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