Melissa Thomas

EVP, International Marketing for US Repertoire

Melissa Thomas began her career with Sony Music Entertainment at Sony Music UK in 2005 where she worked in international marketing for eight years, working on global marketing campaigns for UK artists like Oasis, Sade, Mark Ronson and Little Mix.

She was named Director of International Marketing at Sony Music’s New York office in 2013, before rising to VP in 2015, and SVP in 2018.

In May 2021, Thomas was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President, International Marketing for US Repertoire at Sony Music.

She said at the time: “Music has no borders anymore. Our audiences are global from the beginning and hits can break from anywhere.

“I love bringing our US artists to as many audiences as we can around the globe and I’m looking forward to the entire team continuing our unique marketing campaigns to shine a light on the creative talent coming from Sony Music.”

Prior to joining Sony Music in 2005, Thomas worked as a Marketing rep at Universal Music Group in Canada.Music Business Worldwide

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