Edwin Schroter

Managing Director

Edwin Schroter is Managing Director of leading independent European distributor and label [PIAS] Music Group.

He has been in the role since 2012.

Edwin Schroter: Career so far

Edwin Schroter has held several roles within [PIAS], where he has worked for over a decade. In 2009, he was International Director, [PIAS] Entertainment Group, signing deals with the likes of Tiësto’s own music label Musical Freedom.

In 2010, [PIAS] launched a new division called Global Project Management, bringing together the various services the music company offers. Schroter was appointed MD of Group Repertoire as part of the launch and charged with overseeing the new division.

In 2012, [PIAS] restructured its music group, with two divisions, [PIAS] Artist & Label Services and [PIAS] Recordings, reporting directly into Schroter as Music Group Managing Director.

Speaking to MBW in 2015, Schroter called for the independent sector to seize its ‘craft beer’ moment, saying: “At a time when the music industry seems focused on appealing to a lowest common denominator, mass-market audience I sense a real opportunity for us, the independent music sector, to highlight our many qualities and our uniqueness.

“By doing this maybe we can go some way towards converting future music listeners into fully engaged and active independent music fans who will act as evangelists for what we do.”Music Business Worldwide

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