Diego Farias


Diego Farias is the co-founder and former CEO of Stockholm-based distributor and record label Amuse.

He founded the company in 2015, and announced he was leaving the firm in 2022.

Diego Farias: Early career in digital

Diego Farias started his career in 2004 working for an internet e-commerce company in Sweden, which was later acquired by eBay. After spending a year as Community Specialist, Farias moved on to fledgling teen social network Piczo, which was acquired by fashion-based flash game site Stardoll.

Diego Farias: Joining the music biz and Amuse

Having spent time as Digital Strategist at advertising company Greatesty, in 2011, Diego Farias joined Warner Music Sweden as Digital Sales and Marketing Manager, where he was responsible for for the online marketing of domestic and international Warner Music artists on the Swedish market and the digital sales accounts – including streaming services which were just launching.

After three years at the major label, in 2014 Farias moved to telecoms company Millicom, working as Streaming Music Manager in its newly-created music division, before becoming Music Manager, Africa.

In late 2015, Farias founded Amuse, ‘the world’s first mobile record company’. Speaking to Music Business Worldwide in June 2019, Farias explained that Amuse’s record label only signs licensing deals with artists, rather than acquiring any long-term ownership of their copyrights, and that the label and these artists then split profits 50/50.Music Business Worldwide

Diego Farias In The News

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