Colin Young

Founder & Owner

Colin Young is the Founder and Owner of music accountancy firm C.C. Young.

He founded the UK-based company in 1998.

Colin Young: Career so far

Educated at Lancaster University, Colin Young graduated in 1986 with a degree in Physics.

Young then went on to study as a Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor in the City and received his ACA qualification in 1992, after which he joined a leading music accounting firm, OJK, where he focused on artist and record label accounting.

He became a Director within the firm in 1997. During his time there, Young wrote a thesis on taxation entitled Tax Planning for the Musician/Songwriter.

In 1998, Young founded his own practice, C.C. Young & Co., acting for clients in the music and entertainment sectors.

In 2020, Young proposed that large-scale record labels and publishers could support artists under contract to their companies with discretionary advances amid the COVID-19 uncertainty.Music Business Worldwide

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