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Annabella Coldrick is the CEO of Music Managers Forum, the representative body for artist management in the UK, with a wider global network.

Coldrick joined the organisation in 2016 after time at the Design Council, where she was heavily involved in helping shape the Government’s policy on the creative industries. Her career has also seen her take on advocacy in Brussels, plus government communications and public affairs roles at major organisations such as Cadbury and Which?.

Annabella Coldrick: Campaigning at MMF

Speaking to Music Business Worldwide in June 2016, Annabella Coldrick said: “I think people feel this is a great organisation, the question is how do you continue to grow it, make it more representative? How do you bring more managers into the fold, understanding the value of the collective voice? Our membership is growing, so we are doing some of that successfully.”

In an MBW op-ed in 2019, Coldrick described six areas of immediate priority to address songwriters getting a raw deal. She added:  “Undoubtedly there will be other potential solutions. However, fixing this issue feels increasingly like solving a Chinese Puzzle. Rather than searching for silver bullets, we need an urgent and wide-ranging plan of action – led by songwriters and their managers, alongside music publishers, PROs, DSPs and others in the industry.”

Coldrick is a founding member of EMMA, the European Music Managers Alliance. The MMF is also a founder and supporter of the FanFair Alliance campaign.

Annabella Coldrick: Career before joining MMF

Before joining the MMF, Annabella Coldrick was Director of Policy & Research at the Design Council, providing strategic leadership for Design Council’s Policy & Research activities.

Her career began in Brussels as a Consultant at Europe Analytica, providing updates on EU policy developments and lobbying on relevant policy issues for clients including the European Publishers Council, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), ITN, News International, and Tesco.

Coldrick has also spent time with Cadbury and the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.Music Business Worldwide

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