Alistair Norbury

President, Repertoire & Marketing

Alistair Norbury is President, Repertoire & Marketing for BMG in the UK.

He joined the company in March 2016, saying at the time: “There are too many cases of successful artists languishing at labels who are no longer really interested in them. I think a lot of them will find the combination of BMG’s commitment to service, its transparency and sense of fair dealing very attractive.”

Across his career, he has worked with artists including Bryan Ferry, Dido, Rick Astley, blink-182, Texas and James.

Alistair Norbury: Career beginnings and artist management

Alistair Norbury’s career includes 15 years with Chris Blackwell‘s Island Group of Companies, first as a lawyer at Island Records and then later as Managing Director of Blue Mountain Music, the music publisher of U2 and Bob Marley.

In 1998, he took on the additional role as a Founder Director of Blackwell’s audio-visual label Palm Pictures.

Norbury has also been a successful artist manager, most notably of Bryan Ferry, since 2004, and prior to joining BMG was also co-manager of James and Texas.

Alistair Norbury: His time at BMG

Alistair Norbury joined BMG as EVP International Artists five years ago, with a brief to develop its roster of new releases by successful established artists with international appeal.

In February 2018, he was promoted to the role of President, Repertoire & Marketing for the UK, making him responsible for both music publishing and frontline recordings at the company’s biggest repertoire source outside the US.Music Business Worldwide

Alistair Norbury In The News

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