Patrick Moxey signs Italian pianist Alessandro Martire to Ultra International Publishing

Italian post-classical pianist and composer Alessandro Martire has signed a long-term agreement with New York based Ultra International Publishing, the company founded by Patrick Moxey.

25 -year-old Martire studied piano and composition at Music Academy Genoa before taking up a place at the American Music College in Boston, Berklee, where he majored in new age composition.

Although currently unsigned to a record company Alessandro Martire’s self-released compositions have already been used extensively in film, theatre and advertising.

He has also already undertaken sold out tours of Russia, The Far East and South East Asia and is about to embark on a tour of Japan later this month.

Patrick Moxey, founder of Ultra International Publishing said, “Alessandro Martire is an extraordinary talent. After hearing his compositions, I was blown away and virtually demanded he sign to us!  He makes beautiful music, which has huge crossover appeal and we are convinced he can introduce new audiences all over the world to his unique style of classical music.”

Charlie Rapino, co-manager with Francesco Gaudesi of Alessandro Martire at Spaceship Management, said, “Patrick Moxey didn’t even give us a chance to start a bidding war, he was on Alessandro so fast!

“His passion for the project shone through and we are delighted to be in business with such a forward thinking and energetic publishing company who will help nurture and develop such a talented artist.”

[Pictured: Patrick Moxey with Alessandro Martire]Music Business Worldwide

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