Pandora launches personalized playlist feature for premium users

Pandora has launched a personalized playlist feature that offers its Premium listeners new music based on listening habits.

Titled The Drop, the custom playlist is built using Pandora’s machine learning models, and includes music from artists users love as well as new recommendations.

The feature is similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly/Release Radar and the newly launched SoundCloud Weekly.

Featuring 100 new tracks listed in order of release date, The Drop is automatically updated daily as soon as new music arrives.

In March, Pandora started testing its personalized soundtracks with a small group of users.

Since then, the service says more than 790,000 users have listened to at least one soundtrack, playing 21.4m songs across a collective one million hours.

Energy is the most popular playlist theme, followed by hip hop, country, R&B, party, pop and happy.

In a blog post announcing the news, Pandora Product Managers Evan Paul & Sam Barrett said: “We all know the feeling of discovering a new track you love.

“Whether it’s during your morning commute, your evening run, or while you’re getting ready for a night out, the feeling is instantaneous – you know you’ve found something that you’re going to be playing on repeat over and over again.

“Here at Pandora, we’re obsessed with making those moments happen as frequently as possible for our listeners.”

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