Nashville-based Anacrusis inks deal with Kobalt for global administration

Nashville-based publisher Anacrusis has signed an exclusive, global administration deal with Kobalt Music Group.

Kobalt will handle admin for Anacrusis’ catalog, which includes pop songwriter/artist Drew Southwell.

Southwell recently collaborated with Steve Aoki, and garnered attention from Timbaland.

Anacrusis was founded by Liz Rogers, who now serves as Creative Director of the company.

“We could not be more excited to partner with Kobalt,” commented Rogers, following her meeting with Kobalt CEO Willard Ahdritz in New York.

“We could not be more excited to partner with Kobalt.”

Liz Rogers, Anacrusis

“They are a true leader in merging technology and music, while maintaining valuable relationships and service, focusing on the songwriter.”

The Anacrusis-Kobalt partnership will be managed by Kobalt’s Nashville office, under GM Jesse Willoughby.

Anacrusis will be hosting a writing camp and official showcase at the Sundance Film Festival featuring both Anacrusis and Kobalt writers, as well as presenting The Nashville House at SXSW again in March.

“We have exciting opportunities on the horizon and Kobalt is the perfect partner to help take Anacrusis to the next level,” said Rogers.

Photo: Liz Rogers (Anacrusis) and Willard Ahdritz (Kobalt)Music Business Worldwide

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