MUSO ’empowers songwriters to take down pirated files’ with IMRO deal

Andy Chatterley, Chief Executive Officer of MUSO

Anti-piracy solutions provider MUSO has signed an exclusive partnership with IMRO, the Irish Music Rights Organisation.

MUSO will now provide online piracy protection tools to IMRO’s membership of songwriters and publishers.

According to a statement, the partnership “aims to redefine the way the Irish record industry is able address key industry copyright challenges and spark true business change”.

Andy Chatterley, MUSO co-founder (pictured), said: “It’s testament to IMRO’s forward thinking approach in protecting their songwriters’ rights.

“The songwriter is rarely spoken about as being a direct victim of online piracy, but they are.

“MUSO is delighted to empower songwriters to take down illegal files of work being shared online.”

Andy chatterley, MUSO

“MUSO is delighted to be empowering them with our technology to take down illegal files of their work that is being shared online.”

Added Victor Finn, IMRO CEO: “The MUSO service is an innovative solution for IMRO members to enable them to protect their online rights.

“IMRO is delighted to work in partnership with MUSO to increase the range of benefits and online services for IMRO members.”

MUSO pledges to help copyright holders tackle piracy in three stages – protecting content, creating ‘lasting change across the piracy market’, and connecting new fans with music through legal means.Music Business Worldwide

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