Music doesn’t feature in The Pirate Bay’s Top 100 most popular torrents

This is either very good news for the industry’s anti-piracy efforts, or slightly worrying news about pop music’s appeal in the big, wide world.

If you hadn’t heard, notorious file-sharing site The Pirate Bay returned to the web on Saturday (January 31). Carrying a Swedish domain, its reappearance arrived seven weeks after its servers were disabled.

MBW has analysed TPB’s Top 100 most-pirated files in the 48 hours since its re-emergence. And although you’ll find plenty of movies and a smattering of porn in there, you won’t see a single music release.

The Top 4 most-pirated files over the weekend were all movies, led by new Jason Statham vehicle Wild Card. It was followed by three more Hollywood releases – The Interview (pictured), American Sniper and Nightcrawler.

The fifth most-downloaded torrent was a TV show: series 2, Episode 9 of The Blacklist.

The Pirate Bay puts together its Top 100 list using a combination of the number of ‘seeders’ (people who have downloaded and are hosting the torrent) and ‘leechers’ (people who have downloaded the torrent but are not hosting it).

MBW analysis of the Top 100 shows that half of all downloads over the weekend were movies, while TV shows took up 33%.


Porn was the third most popular category with 9% – let’s face it, it had to feature somewhere – while PC games and computer applications shared 4% each.

The most-downloaded video game was Dying Light – the 25th most popular torrent overall.

As for music, the most popular torrent in the period was Avicii’s 2013 album True, followed by Taylor Swift track Shake It Off, John Legend single All Of Me and Chris Brown album X.

With 1828 ‘seeders’ and just 76 ‘leechers’, True is a fair distance behind the 100th most popular torrent overall: PC game Far Cry 4, which has 1604 ‘seeders’ plus 1260 ‘leechers’.

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