Mike Caren’s APG launches ‘next generation creative space’ in Los Angeles

Mike Caren featured in a popular MBW news story last week – when we reported that the Warner exec’s APG imprint was responsible for the only two Gold-selling debut albums in the US in the first half of 2016.

Today, we get an interesting update on an APG’s development.

The label, in conjunction with Atlantic Records and and Warner Music Group (WMG), has announced the opening of ‘A Studio’ in Los Angeles, described as ‘a next-generation creative space built around state-of-the-art recording studio facilities’.

The complex includes four studios, as well as editing and writing rooms, plus executive offices and a shared communal space.

The building is the global headquarters of Caren’s Artist Partner Group and Artist Publishing Group, which provide a range of white label services for artists, songwriters, producers, and music entrepreneurs.

In addition, ‘A Studio’ will be on offer to artists from across WMG’s family of labels – including Atlantic, Warner Bros. and their subsidiary labels – as well as operating as an A&R incubator for new talent.

Mike Caren is founder and CEO of Artist Publishing Group and Artist Partner Group, as well as Creative Officer of WMG.

Mike Caren

“We flipped the notion of the studio – from an isolated, insular place to the model of an open, dynamic community.”

Mike Caren, APG / WMG

He said: “WMG has a rich history in providing exciting creative spaces for dynamic interaction between artists, producers, and label staff. But the ways our artists are making music today is dramatically different today than it was ten years ago, and it will be different ten years from now.

“So we designed ‘A Studio’ to be an environment that shifts with the times and stimulates collaboration and innovation. We flipped the notion of the studio – from an isolated, insular place to the model of an open, dynamic community that will inspire brave experimentation and true originality.”

All of the ‘A Studio’ recording suites depart from standard studio design by having no fixed furniture or equipment, ‘enabling each artist to tailor the room to their needs’.

Inspired by the original Atlantic offices in New York City, where executives such as Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler would push back the desks to make room for recording sessions, the executives offices at ‘A Studio’ can also be used as recording spaces.

Caren and his team ran a survey of WMG artist preferences to ensure that ‘A Studio’ was equipped with exactly what they required.

“It’s always been our mission to provide the most complete and supportive environment for our artists in every aspect of their careers,” said Atlantic Records Chairman & CEO Craig Kallman.

“Having great studio facilities within our offices is the next step towards not only giving our artists fresh creative options, but bringing them closer to our whole team. In the great tradition of the legendary Atlantic Studios, with our fantastic new studio at Atlantic’s New York headquarters joined now by the groundbreaking ‘A Studio’ in LA, we are able to offer relaxed, inspiring state-of-the-art spaces to make amazing music — where it all starts.”

[Pictured: Miles Beard (APG), Charlie Puth, Mike Caren, Angie Pagano (APG)]Music Business Worldwide

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