MBW’s 5 must-see Midem moments

MBW will be at Midem 2015 in Cannes next week, which boasts one of the strongest music industry conference line-ups we’ve seen in years.

Read below for our five must-see moments of the show, including keynote talks from Sony Music, Vivendi, TIDAL and Deezer.

Thinking of joining us? A handful of Midem tickets are still available through this link. MBW readers can use the promo code YESMIDEM for a €100 discount until next Thursday (June 4).

Sony Music CEO Doug Morris talks ‘lessons learned’

Doug Morris is a genuine label legend. A former CEO of Universal Music Group – where he mentored a certain Lucian Grainge – he’s also been head of MCA Music Entertainment, Warner Music US and the Atlantic Recording Group. On Sunday (June 7), he’ll tell us what a lifetime in the industry has taught him.

Dr. Hans-Holger Albrecht
Deezer boss Hans-Holger Albrecht addresses freemium

The debate over the worth of freemium services in juxtaposition with premium alternatives has dominated the global music industry so far this year. On Friday at Midem (June 5), the boss of France’s biggest streaming music platform will give his view on where the industry’s headed – and Deezer’s place within it.

Vania schlogel
TIDAL: serious new player or short-term industry disruptor?

Perhaps the most talked-about new player in the music business this year has been TIDAL: Jay Z’s HD streaming service, which purports to offer songwriters and artists fairer treatment than its competitors. Is this a game-changing new player in music or a momentary disruption? TIDAL’s CIO, Vania Schlogel, talks potential on Friday (June 5).

Daniel Miller Mute
Independent legends on the future for non-majors

MBW is proud to moderate one of the standout sessions at Midem on Sunday (June 7) featuring three heroes of independent music: Cooking Vinyl‘s Martin Goldschmidt, Mute’s Daniel Miller (pictured) and [PIAS]’s Kenny Gates. Expect discussion on how these self-owned businesses tackle the majors – and how they are thriving in the digital music age.

Vivendi chief discusses the future roadmap for Universal

“Over my dead body.” That was Vivendi CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine‘s reaction earlier this year when asked if his company would consider splitting from Universal Music Group. Clearly, UMG’s parent rather values its dominant music subsidiary. On Saturday (June 6) at Midem 2015, de Puyfontaine will discuss Vivendi’s relationship with music and media in detail.

Read the full four-day Midem 2015 conference programme through here, featuring legal training, networking opportunities and the all-important main ‘Midem Talks’ strand.Music Business Worldwide

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