MBW strikes partnership with Business Insider (and its 80m readers)

Music Business Worldwide has inked a significant content partnership deal with Business Insider – one of the largest business news sites in the world.

Launched in 2007 by Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget plus DoubleClick founders Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan, New York-based Business Insider now reaches a colossal audience of more than 80m unique users every month.

BusinessInsider.com boasts a bigger online readership than The Washington Post, Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal (source: Alexa).

From today, BI will host selected news, interviews, analysis and blogs from MBW and distribute them to its readership.

All of these articles will be branded with MBW’s identity and invite BI readers to check out what we do here, back at our own online ranch.

“We’ve found music business worldwide to be an incredibly reliable place to stay up to date on the news.”

James Cook, Business Insider

In other words, the best of MBW – and, therefore, the best of the global music business – will now be pushed to a massive, business-savvy audience on one of the internet’s finest sites.


James Cook from Business Insider’s Technology team said: “There’s so much happening in the music business right now, and we’ve found Music Business Worldwide to be an incredibly reliable place to stay up to date on the news.

“Some of the biggest tech companies in the world are battling over music streaming, and smaller European companies are also involved, so it’s great for Business Insider to work with Music Business Worldwide to keep our readers informed.”

Music Business Worldwide Editor Tim Ingham said: “Business Insider was a startup with zero readers eight years ago. Thanks to little more than brilliant journalism and online smarts, it’s raced ahead of its supposedly established competition. So that’s pretty inspirational.

“When BI asked to distribute MBW content it was a no-brainer. Their articles are consistently on the money, and their ginormous audience is highly influential in all walks of business – especially tech.

“That’s all wonderful, obviously. But it means that if you’re featured on MBW in future, you better say something clever. Which, of course, you will.”Music Business Worldwide

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