MBW joins Music Futures Conference, returning to UK this November

The Music Futures Conference will return to the UK on Thursday, November 12 at a new venue – the Sage in Gateshead near Newcastle – and MBW has signed up as a media partner.

Music Futures looks at where the longstanding and increasingly productive relationships between the tech world and global music industry players are developing.

HMV and Musicians’ Union have been confirmed as event sponsors.

The organisation behind Music Futures, UK music development group Generator, says it is aiming to establish the Music Futures Conference as THE leading music industry conference in the UK.

Jim Mawdsley, CEO of Generator said, “We attend many music business conferences in the UK and while standards are high, none of them really dig into where our industry is going next. Things are literally changing on a daily basis and new players particularly from the more technology based sectors are getting involved.

“It is our intention with Music Futures to aim really high and ensure that some of the industry’s leading players and experts in their fields share their latest thinking in the sector. This conference aims to become an international platform to establish where the industry is going next”.

Music Futures looks to analyse trends and ask questions in all areas of the music industry such as how music drives technology, the vinyl revival, streaming and increasing revenue transparency, and where will the increasing influence of the tech companies eventually take us.

Music Futures looks to where all of this may lead us to in terms of retail, distribution and consumptions models for the future.

Early bird tickets are now available at £80.00 plus VAT until Friday 28th August from www.musicfutures.info

All attendees and speakers will be invited to a pre-conference reception on Wednesday 11th November at Sage Gateshead.Music Business Worldwide

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