Mariposa launches music streaming services in Brazil with 7Digital

Mariposa Holdings Group, Inc. has now launched music services for mobile devices with two major operators in Brazil.

As part of a partnership announced in June, Mariposa licenses 7digital’s streaming technology and catalogue management platform to power new mobile music services.

Brazil’s Algar Telecom was the first mobile network to offer its customers Mariposa’s music subscription and radio style services, and is already experiencing strong consumer uptake.

And from Tuesday this week (November 24), Oi, the largest telecommunications company in South America with over 60 million subscribers in Brazil, will offer a music service to its high value customers as part of a mobile carrier data offer. This service will be branded by Oi, but created and managed by Mariposa and powered by 7digital’s platform.

Mariposa’s Mach Music division currently offers music services that drive data adoption for mobile operators in Latin America spanning nine countries in addition to a Latino mobile music offering in the US.

David Fondots, CEO of Mariposa, commented: “7digital’s data mapping capabilities and robust CDN are the cornerstone to a scalable mobile offering that enables fast time to market and low churn due to high customer satisfaction. Collaborating in this way allows us to deliver great consumer experiences extremely efficiently in a country known for licensing complexities.

“We are particularly pleased to be launching with Oi only a few weeks since approving the project – working with an agile partner like 7digital who can arrange the necessary licensing agreements and provide access to the world’s music makes that possible”.

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital, commented: “Mariposa’s rollout of music services across Brazil and elsewhere in the region has been eagerly anticipated by the team here at 7digital.

“The company’s partnerships with the biggest telcos in Brazil ensure that these services will reach a significant audience and start to generate revenues in a market that has previously been underserved by strong mobile music offerings”.

Mariposa has signed deals for music and RBT services with seven additional carriers and plans to work with 7digital for music rollout to devices.Music Business Worldwide

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