Malcolm Dunbar promoted to Global President and COO at PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic Co-Founder Malcolm Dunbar has been promoted to Global President and COO in the wake of former CEO Dominic Pandiscia’s exit from the company.

Dunbar (pictured), was previously President of UK and Europe.

Co-Founder Jayce Varden has also returned to the company and Scott Graves has re-joined as President of the North American territory.

PledgeMusic says that it has a new financial team in place under the leadership of Richard Vinchesi, a partner at one of PledgeMusic’s larger investors, Sword, Rowe & Company.

The direct to fan platform claims to have “established a commitment” from Nashville based music business financier Lyric Financial “to help expand its working capital and improve payable processing.”

“PledgeMusic plays a fundamental role in the global music industry.”

Eli Ball, Lyric Financial 

“I have been a fan of PledgeMusic since its inception. PledgeMusic plays a fundamental role in the global music industry,” said Lyric Financial Founder & CEO Eli Ball.

“Not only do they provide a critical funding tool for artists, but also, a home for over three million music fans to engage with their favorite artists and to discover new artists.

“It is this dual role that makes PledgeMusic such a key tool for all artists, big or small. I am excited about the moves the company is making to reorganize in order to better serve the artist and fan communities. Lyric Financial is proud to be a partner with PledgeMusic. We look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow their world-class platform.”

In the coming weeks, PledgeMusic will be rolling out a new backend and additional tools, an upgraded payment system and real time analysis of campaigns.

The company claims to have distributed over $100 million in artist payments through 50,000+ projects since it was launched in 2009.Music Business Worldwide

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