Lucie Caswell named CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition

The UK’s Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) has appointed Lucie Caswell as its new CEO.

Imogen Heap – who has been acting CEO of the organization since the departure of Paul Pacifico to AIM in September last year – now becomes the FAC’s first Artist in Residence CEO (AIR CEO).

A well-regarded senior negotiator and music licensing executive, London-based Caswell has been in the music and entertainment business for over 14 years.

She has been responsible for negotiating on behalf of record labels, music publishers, for PRS for Music, and within digital music services.

She previously ran her own company managing rights for major commercial and music industry clients and developing projects in music enterprise and has significant experience in start-up growth – spending several years developing innovative businesses using music.

She is additionally dedicated to social enterprise, being a Non-Executive Director of a number of significant social impact initiatives.

Imogen Heap (pictured, right) commented: “This marks a fantastic new chapter for the organisation. We’re really looking forward to getting stuck in with Lucie as our new Chief Exec.

“On her appointment, I will be moving into the FAC’s first Artist In Residence, Creative Executive Officer (AIR CEO) role; a position I’m very excited about. Together we can really shine as an organisation.

“Our diverse careers – Lucie’s nous and skills within the music industry, and my own 20 years’ worth of experience as an artist, is unique to the FAC. We truly believe that this means we can really empower the artist community in a huge and positive way – like never before.”

“I am very excited to work with Imogen and the FAC, continuing the good work to date for artists, who are the beating heart and essential core of the music ecosystem.”

Lucie Caswell, the FAC

Lucie Caswell (pictured, left) said: “I am very excited to work with Imogen and the FAC, continuing the good work to date for artists, who are the beating heart and essential core of the music ecosystem. We have a lot to do but a believe this new structure will allow us to build on the successes, strength and impact we’ve achieved to date.

“We have an opportunity to make the music business a template for how sustainable, innovative and ethical business can be done. I hope to help make the business run in their name, one which artists feel proud of and secure within.”

The FAC has joined other creator groups and the UK’s Music Managers Forum to call for greater transparency and fairness within the music industry.

Annabella Coldrick CEO of the MMF, said: “I’m really looking forward to working closely with Lucie as Chief Executive of the FAC on our joint campaigns supporting music creatives. The MMF has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the FAC since its inception.

“There needs to be a strong artist’s voice in public policy discussions and the FAC provides this. Artists and managers travel many roads together and we are united in the fight for fairness, transparency and accountability throughout the value chain from artists to their audience.”

Sandie Shaw, Honorary President of the FAC and founding member of the IAO said: “This fabulously innovative new team leadership model illustrates our continuing commitment to the transformation of the music and technology sphere, by putting artists’ interests at its heart.”

The FAC campaigns on the national and international stage for the protection of UK artists’ rights and for the progressive inclusion of artists’ interests in legal and industry affairs.

The International Artists Organisation (IAO), of which the FAC is a founding member, continues to develop an international view of the value of artists, working with other national artist associations to further international collaboration.Music Business Worldwide

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