Live Nation’s gender pay gap is 46% in the UK

Earlier today, MBW revealed that the average gender pay gap across the three major labels in the UK was over 30%.

The news has come to light due to a change in UK law which stipulates that any company in the market with more than 250 employees must reveal their gender pay gap stats by April 5 (tomorrow).

These gender stats were based on employment figures from April 5, 2017 – meaning any changes since this point are not reflected in the figures.

Now, we’ve got our hands on the stats for another giant of the modern music industry, Live Nation, which has posted an average gender pay gap of 46%.

Here is the raw data:

  • In the top-earning quartile of Live Nation’s UK business, 59% of employees are male and 41% are female.
  • The average hourly rate of pay across the whole company is 46% lower for females vs. males. In other words, when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 54p for every £1 that men earn.
  • Taken as a median %, this figure falls to 31%.
  • When it comes to bonuses, female executives are paid 88% less on average than their male counterparts.
  • Bonus pay is given to 32% of male employees and 29% of female employees.
  • In the ‘upper middle quartile’ (ie. the second tier of executive pay) at Live Nation (Music) UK Ltd., 46% of employees are male and 54% of employees are female.
  • In the ‘lower-middle’ quartile (ie. the third tier) there are 39% male employees and 61% female employees.
  • In the bottom quartile (ie. the lowest-paid), those stats stand at 54% male and 46% female.

Earlier, MBW revealed that the average gender pay gap across all three major labels in the UK is 33.8% – with 29.8% at Universal, 22.7% at Sony and 49% at Warner.

Male executives take the majority of the highest-paid jobs at all three major companies, and are paid by far the bigger bonuses.

Look out for MBW’s exclusive analysis of the freshly-published statistics later today.Music Business Worldwide

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