Live music company DEAG plans to re-list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and raise between €40m to €50m to spend on M&A

Detlef Kornett, DEAG

Germany-based live entertainment company DEAG (Deutsche Entertainment Aktiengesellschaft) plans to relist its shares on the Regulated Market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange this quarter (Q1 2024).

DEAG expects to raise between €40 million and €50 million as a result of the planned IPO.

The company first went public in 1998 and delisted in January 2021 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and due to what it calls the associated “massive negative impact” of the pandemic on the live entertainment industry.

DEAG went private after agreeing to a takeover deal with its largest investor Apeiron Investment Group Ltd. and its Malta-based “bidder company” Musai Capital.

DEAG said in its latest announcement that “with the help of its major shareholders,” the company “used the time during the pandemic to make important strategic decisions and implement them”.

As a private company, DEAG generated revenues of over €325 million and EBITDA of over €31 million in 2022.

In the first half of 2023, DEAG reported that its revenue reached €123 million, up €10.4 million compared to €133.4 million in the first half of the previous year.

When the company published its H1 results in August 2023, it said that it was “fully on track” to achieve its full-year revenue target of over €300 million for FY 2023.

The company also said that it was planning “to enhance its M&A activities” in the second half of 2023 as it looked to expand its presence in Europe.

In the years as a private company, DEAG reports to have completed over 12 acquisitions.

DEAG said that it plans to use the proceeds from the IPO for more M&A and aims “to continue playing an active role in the consolidation of the live entertainment industry in Europe” and to drive its own growth through a “Buy & Build” strategy.

DEAG said that it will focus on “complementary acquisitions” in ticketing as well as expanding into other European markets and into additional business segments.

The company plans to execute five to eight acquisitions per year following the listing.

After relisting its shares, DEAG plans to divide the business into two new segments: Live Entertainment and Ticketing and Services.

“We believe that there is an enormous growth potential in our business.”

Detlef Kornett, DEAG

Detlef Kornett, Co-CEO, said: “We believe that there is an enormous growth potential in our business. From driving ticket sales toward our own ticketing platforms to acquiring companies which increase synergies within our group and strengthen our strategy of expanded growth in both our Live Entertainment and Ticketing and Services businesses, the road ahead of us is paved with opportunity.”

Added Kornett: “The foundation of our business stands on our strong historical growth as shown by the ever-increasing number of events we offer since 2019 – recurring revenues from over 30 festivals, intellectual property created from children’s musicals to lightrails and our hallmark New Years’ Eve event at the Brandenburger Gate.

“We continue to expand our existing, and capitalize on new, business opportunities and develop strategies to complement this business growth in our existing and new markets.  As we have shown in the past, we will look to the future with full confidence at the prospects for our business.”Music Business Worldwide