Latin Grammys boss lays smackdown on Donald Trump’s Mexican tirade

Donald Trump isn’t likely to get a front row seat at the Latin Grammys this year.

Trump is currently hitting headlines in his quest to become the next President of the USA.

Some of those headlines are more divisive than others.

Republican candidate Trump’s anti-immigration stance spilled over into offending millions of Mexicans in July, when he said in a speech:

“[Mexico] are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists.”

Many public figures from south of the US border have understandably hit back at Trump – but the Latin Grammys’ response may just be the most eloquent yet.

“This denial of Latino contributions cannot be tolerated. We appeal to Mr. Trump to discontinue his affront on millions.”

Gabriel Abaroa Jr, The Latin Recording Academy

Gabriel Abaroa Jr., President/CEO of The Latin Recording Academy – the company behind the Latin Grammys – says he felt moved to respond due to “the continued discriminatory statements made by Mr. Donald Trump”.

He said: “Whether you’re talking about Mexico, South America, Central America, Spain or Portugal, Latin culture has been so beautifully intertwined into American culture that it is almost imperceptible to recognize the benefits of that integration.

“Nonetheless, we should not take for granted the countless contributions Latinos make to American culture. Given his recent statements, Mr. Trump needs a respectful reminder of that fact.

“This denial of Latino contributions and the division it will create cannot be tolerated, and we appeal to Mr. Trump to discontinue his affront on the millions of Latinos who have helped make America the great nation it is.

“Just as music brings people together, so, too, should those who aim to lead us.”


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