Landrover partners with Sony Music Middle East

SUV maker Land Rover has teamed up with Sony Music Entertainment Middle East for a series of new collaborations, beginning with ‘My Land, My Music’.

This will bring together famed Middle Eastern music makers, Jean-Marie Riachi from Lebanon and Omar Basaad from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as they meet, discover and document the musicians and sounds of the region’s varied communities.

The different sounds captured will then be arranged by Jean-Marie and his studio team to produce the final soundtrack ‘that honours the land, heritage and people of the Middle East’. A number of club remixes will be produced by Omar to target younger music fans.

Produced by Emirati film director Ali Mostafa, and directed by Emirati filmmaker Ahmed Abdulqader, the ‘My Land, My Music’ documentary will tell the story behind the sounds recorded along the way.

Hannah Naji, Marketing Director at Jaguar Land Rover MENA, said: “MYLAND is all about recognizing and celebrating the people, places, sounds, heritage and culture which have shaped this beautiful region. With ‘My Land, My Music’, we are evolving our MYLAND platform by creating unique content through yet another art form – music, which itself is deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the region.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with Sony Music Entertainment Middle East for this project, which we hope will be the first in a number of exciting musical collaborations. I am excited to see how this journey inspires Jean-Marie and Omar to create something unique that captures the region’s soul and resonates with audiences across MENA.”

Mike Fairburn, General Manager at Sony Music Entertainment Middle East, added: “For many, music represents the cultural heartbeat of the region. Whether it is the fisherman of Muscat, the music halls of Beirut, the souks of Cairo and Jeddah or the Dubai Creek, rhythm greets you at every corner.

“Together with Land Rover, we saw this as a fantastic opportunity to celebrate this; to take a talented music and film team on a journey to try to understand and celebrate the rich musical tapestry of the region. I would like to thank Land Rover for their vision, and to wish the team of Jean-Marie, Omar, Ali and Ahmed the very best as they embark on this wonderful journey”.

More ‘My Land, My Music’ details will be revealed on April 29th at

[Pictured: Mike Fairburn and Hannah Naji]Music Business Worldwide

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