Kobalt launches first Apple TV artist app with Placebo

Kobalt Label Services has launched the first Apple TV official artist app.

Specifically designed for the latest version of Apple TV, the app is for British rock band Placebo, who signed their catalogue for digital services to Kobalt in January.

Since doing that deal, KLS has quietly dropped Placebo’s music on Spotify. The band were previously long-time holdouts on the service.

Kobalt says it ‘will allow fans to experience their favourite music videos alongside the live videos and exclusive content from the Placebo archives in their very own home’.

The app also commemorates the 20-year-anniversary of Placebo’s self-titled debut album in 2016.

“We see this as a unique way of bringing Placebo’s catalogue into the homes of existing and potential fans” said Anthony Crook, Riverman Management.

“The Placebo Apple TV app allows the viewer access to videos from throughout the band’s twenty year career, including all of the single promo videos, live shows, bonus behind the scenes footage and never before seen content.

“The most important element for us moving forward is that the app offers the band a platform to premiere and monetise future visual content or releases, as the market for the traditional formats continues to decline.”

Kobalt says it will work closely with Placebo to expand and add additional content into the app over time.

“This new technology will present Placebo’s catalogue in an entirely new way, giving the fans something unique in a space controlled by the artist,” said Paul Hitchman, President of Kobalt Label Services.

“When the release of the new Apple TV was made, and the fact that it would for the first time have an app store, we saw this as an opportunity to be first in this new space.“

A video of the app is available to view on the Placebo Facebook page.Music Business Worldwide

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