Young Turks Publishing – General Manager (UK)

A great communicator is required to run Young Turks’ new publishing joint venture.

Young Turks is a dynamic, artist-centred company working across Management, Records, Events and Publishing.

The company thrives on cross-pollination, blurring the boundaries between the different disciplines of the music industry to help our artists to fulfil their creative ambitions.

Young Turks is about to embark on a new chapter in its publishing division. We are starting a new joint venture with a major publisher that will see us building a roster from scratch. We are looking for someone to set up and run this new company in a way that complements what Young Turks has already achieved, but that also grows and expands the business into new areas.

This person will first and foremost be a music lover who completely understands the culture of Young Turks. Publishing experience is not essential but they should be a confident and clear communicator who is as comfortable talking to artists as they are the sync or finance team at a major publisher.

The corporate cultures of both organisations are very different and the candidate should be able to navigate the relationship between them both to get the best out of each. They will be flexible, accommodating and will be encouraged to interact regularly with all areas of the company. Young Turks works best when resources and experience are shared.

The main aims of your role will be:
  • To ensure that all elements of Young Turks Publishing and the Major Publishing partner work smoothly, effectively and harmoniously together
  • To work with our A&R team to build and service an amazing roster
  • To build unique relationships with the industry
Your more detailed responsibilities will include:


  • Attend and contribute to the weekly A&R meetings
  • Work alongside the existing Young Turks A&R team to bring in new writers to the roster
  • Work with the Young Turks team to conclude small artist deals
  • Work alongside the major publisher to close the more competitive deals
  • Work closely with the roster to develop their abilities, creative visions and careers
  • Work alongside our writers’ labels to be an active part of their album campaigns
  • Assist our roster with their writing through partnerships and collaborations
  • Explore new writing opportunities with artists
  • Co-ordinate writing sessions and camps


  • Oversee every part of the day-to-day running of the publishing company
  • Oversee the company finances
  • Maintain an overview of the contracts, payment schedules, royalty and PRO statements
  • Keep everyone informed on the rosters’ activity
  • Ensure that the wider music industry is aware of Young Turks Publishing and understands what we do
  • Oversee award entries for our roster
  • Ensure that the Young Turks Studio is in constant use by our writers and is set up to their specifications
  • Maintain a database of our titles in conjunction with the major publisher


  • Build on relationships with supervisors and agencies
  • Create new opportunities for our writers in film, TV and theatre
  • Engage with the sync teams who own our writers’ master rights

CVs should be sent to:

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