Warner Music Group/ADA – International Label Manager (UK)

ADA’s international department oversees the overall global business outside the US and UK market.

Our role is to provide guidance and support and act as the communications hub to our international distributed labels, UK/US teams and the international territories. We plan and execute new release and catalogue strategy, and equip the physical and digital sales teams with international marketing, promotion and sales information. We set up distribution strategies as well as design and execute global label services in conjunction with the international affiliate frontline teams, our own staff and third parties.

Responsibilities include
  • You will be liaising with key stakeholders such as 3rd party labels, US/UK label management, operations, finance teams & international markets.
  • You will foster meaningful relationship with 3rd party labels, ensuring we are maximising any revenue opportunities for their titles.
  • Update International ADA teams and International Warner offices on new releases in conjunction with labels and the ADA US / UK label management teams.
  • You will collaborate with the International VP, Senior Int’l label managers and ADA int’l teams to coordinate local release plans for both distribution and label services.
  • You will be the point of contact for any of our international label managers across the international territories, providing any tools or information they need to perform effectively.
  • You will be responsible for assembling and distributing the weekly international update & international touring update
  • Compile updates for label partners including sales, chart positions, online stats, etc.
  • Assist digital account management with assembling pitches, campaign execution and compiling recaps.
  • Provide physical and digital sales teams with key international marketing & sales information on new releases, on-going priorities, & general label activity.
  • Work with int’l label managers and operations to support label onboarding.
To be successful in this role
  • You will have 1-2 years international label and distribution experience and a general understanding of physical and digital distribution
  • You will be motivated, creative, innovative, highly organized and detail orientated
  • You will be able to communicate effectively, and compassionately with all our stakeholders (if you have any foreign languages, that would be a plus)
  • You will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and experience of the international market place and territories
  • You will be passionate about music and independent record labels
  • You will be working across many different territories, it will be important for you to be flexible, dynamic and diplomatic so you can effectively adapt to business requirements

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