Warner Bros Entertainment – Director of Music (US)

Warner Bros. Television seeks a Director, Music for the TV Music department in Burbank, California.

To service the clearance and creative needs of the WBTV and WHTV shows, including song placement, acquisition of rights, fee negotiation, and hiring musicians and singers for scoring/recording sessions. Negotiates music library blanket deals and provides back up on artist and writer waivers, Step-Out Agreements and Certificates of Authorship.

  • Negotiate fees and licensing terms with all third party publishers, writers, lawyers and others who represent the music used by Warner Bros., in order to obtain rights for use of protected music.
  • Select and pitch music to assigned shows, pitch and hire musicians, vocalists, contractors, and coaches for on-camera performances according to applicable union/guild agreements and rates, arrange recording and scoring sessions , and interface with Associate Producers to assess and service a show’s musical needs.
  • Prepare and monitor budgets for episodic music elements, interface with songwriters and lyricists to obtain information pertinent to Certificates of Authorship, stay current and consult on AFM new use claims, oversee independent Music Supervisors to ensure they follow studio policy.
  • Negotiates rights for third party Main Title theme songs used in WBTV and Warner Horizon product. Negotiates, drafts, and finalizes required main title synchronization and master use licenses, COA’s, Assignment of Copyrights, Waivers, Step-Outs, Co-Administration and Co-publishing Agreements, Songwriter Agreements, etc.
  • Point person for publicity questions regarding music clearance rights for music contained in promo clips.
  • Review and consult on all music used in Home Video special features and promos for DVD release of television product.
  • Screen Television shows and check music cue sheet accuracy for each Television show, ensuring that the music is licensed or covered by composer’s agreement.
  • Breakdown scripts and issue music budgets for pilots/series/amorts and special projects, including both creative and clearance elements.
  • Responsible for structuring, negotiating, and continually updating all blanket fees/licenses with music libraries and independent labels. Updating the department on current fees and contacts.
  • Provide support to Worldwide Marketing and Publicity departments in all matters relating to music clearance for new marketing strategies pertaining to current television product as well as provide clearance advice and services for music contained in publicity and marketing clips and/or pilots requiring clearance for marketing campaigns prior to air.
  • Perform other related duties as required.
  • College degree preferred.
  • Minimum of 8-10 years prior experience working in the areas of music clearance, music pitching and supervision. Budgeting, negotiating, and experience with music licenses and other publishing agreements. Experience hiring on-camera performers under applicable union/guild terms and conditions.
  • In-depth knowledge of music clearance and licensing, song placement, union/guild rates and guidelines.
  • Thorough and cost effective negotiation skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of company and department personnel, as well as producers, directors, publishers, record company executives, composers, and attorneys.
  • Ability to relate well with staff and maintain a well organized and productive department.
  • Strong relationships with publishers and record companies and other professionals within the industry.